“Sara can always guide me through the most frustrating process of identifying problems, and also provide various expressive modalities to help me resolve them in the most incredible way possible. I always leave her office feeling grounded, fearless and imaginative!” 

— Anonymous



Sara Tsutsumi is an angel of mercy and healing! I started seeing Sara as my psycho-therapist after the terrorist attack on 9/11 when I suddenly lost my life partner. If the unexpected horror and global scale of the event were not devastating enough, my grief was compounded by the fact my companion and I were not out of the closet. His death and my exclusion from all the acknowledged channels of support a grieving spouse might access left me deeply wounded and isolated. Thankfully, I had love and support from my family and friends and many sessions with Sara over the course of years, which brought me back to life. It is no exaggeration to say, at that time my emotional pain was so embodied, and I was so traumatized that it hurt to breath and be alive.

 As a person and therapist, Sara offers so much. Not only does she have the training and knowledge base to frame and reflect one’s insights in a safe and healing light, but as a person she has great sensitivity and compassion. Much of my work with her focused on creating a safe space for me to feel and express my pain and loss; to be acknowledged by myself and another person. Sara stood by me as my therapist in a organic process that was a journey from darkness into light. I am eternally grateful to her and recommend her work to any person who finds him/her/themselves in need of healing.







-カルロス・フィタンテ Choreographer, Dancer, Professor


“I did not know how to control my emotions and life somehow, I was going through a tough time. Seeing Ms. Tsutsumi initially was just a trial for me because I did not expect to be understood. In fact, what I got from talking to Ms. Tsutsumi is not solutions to my problems but a perspective of how to stand on these problems. She is a great listener. She is kind, funny, welcoming and very professional. She always can use the simplest words to unpack concerns that I felt complicated. I really appreciated and had such an honor to talk to her. Thank you so much!!!”